Intimacy in christian dating

03-Nov-2017 14:07

Either have more, or be very intentional about teaching them about sex.

Apparently not having siblings gets you into trouble… People saying that you have to make sure you’re sexually compatible and all that stuff. Those who lived with a sexual partner prior to marriage have a divorce rate of 25% compared to 5%.

I often see comments asking why women aren’t interested in solving sexual issues, in being more adventurous, in wanting more sex, etc. Again, some of their comments…well, I think some wives would enjoy sex a lot more if they made more of an effort. The vast majority of Christians who read this blog have been Christians there whole life.

However, I’d argue that we have far more low-drive wives in our community here at Sex Within Marriage than we do low-drive husbands. No all, I know plenty of you do, especially our readers. 82% of our readers grew up in Christian homes, regardless of gender. This means we’re not doing a great job of preaching the good news. I would hope all Christian homes teach this, and I had hoped some of the non-Christian homes would still hold to this moral guideline. 30% of men and 38% of women who grew up in non-Christian homes were taught not to have sex before marriage. In fact, they bring the average up so much that without them, only 2.4% of wives want less sex (instead of the 7% we stated earlier).

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There are a lot of people thinking they are the only ones in their situation.

But you can’t force your kids to make a commitment.